Steady Love During Covid-19

I bring you with me on my mountain hikes. I strayed from the muddy and snow dappled trail yesterday because we had some sun and some semblance of warmth when the bitter wind slowed. And because I heard a small voice on the switch back say, “step off here, find your seat on this mountain side.” I found a craggy slope between two beautiful pines, juniper bushes (filled with muted purple berries), wild sage, and last seasons flattened and browned balsam arrow leaf. The valley stretched out across the expanse bordered by the many distant mountain ranges, the Crazies, the Gallatin, the Spanish Peaks with cloud systems resting on those distant peaks casting sheets of descending snow. The iconic pyramid shaped Mount Blackmore on the horizon mirrored the perfectly resting miniature pyramid rock two feet from my perch.

Time fell away as did all semblance of responsibility or pain or want. I sat my bum on a mossy rock, the feet resting below yogi style and meditated with the sun warming my face and chest. Then I laid back on the slope to watch the big white clouds pass and the limber pine branches dance just so as the breeze caught them in her stream. In the heat and stillness all the smells came to me, especially the pine. The wind shifted directions bringing messages from the North, the South, the East, the West.

Birds have returned to our parts so I also got to marvel in listening to the Junkos, and other birds talk to each other while eating the juniper berries. Occasionally a crow would caw loud from its soar across the sky dipping back into the canyon behind me. A reminder of the deeper call. The unending capacity to love and feel loved beamed out from my human body to all. A communication from the sun and back again. Nature is a comfort and the mountain breeds steady love as the trees breath it for us all.

In the words of Rumi,

Our task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourself that have been built against it. 

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