Creativity is a spiritual path, and at the core of the various spiritual paths are the same lessons. For instance, I recently read Thich Nhat Hanh for the first time, and I found myself thinking that he sees the world with an artist’s eye. I think that’s because he is very heart-centered. Even though we think of creativity as an intellectual pursuit, in my experience creativity is a heart-centered pursuit. We actually create from the heart. I think it’s interesting that the word “heart” has the word “art” embedded in it. It also has the word “ear” embedded in it.

So both Buddhism and creativity involve the art of listening to the heart. That’s where the creative impulse arises from the heart. That’s why I cannot distinguish between creativity and spirituality. When you’re practicing creativity you become a grounded individual, and that communicates the universal.

As near as I can tell, this is what happens with a grounded meditation technique: you go through all of the shenanigans of the restless nature of the mind and what you are left with is, just be. Out of being, things are made. So creativity is the act of being.     – Julia Cameron

Coaching with Creatives is designed to support the client in tapping into their creativity and navigating the artist’s life. The client may be an artist in one of the disciplines or someone who always meant to express their creativity. From poetry, writing, music, performing arts, visual arts to the art in creative living—creating is vital. The creative impulse arises from the heart. Creative expression can increase your energy, summon inner confidence, enhance your intuition, harness awareness, spark joy, connect with universal humanity, restock resilience, foster awakening, create meaningful change and so much more.

The creative path isn’t always an easy one, however, it is always a worthwhile one. Brave creatives understand many issues may arise as we attempt to make time in our busy lives to chart our path to expression. As we face the internal and external obstacles, we are attempting to transform our dis-ease into ease, our obstacles into allies, the mundane into inspiration, and injustice into healing and awakening. Some may attribute this path akin to alchemy and others may label it simply as a revolution.

As your coach, I will meet you as one human being to another and one creative person to another. We will develop a customized approach to your own creative process. Collaboration may include but is not limited to:

  • Somatic awareness and literacy
  • Guidance – internal and external
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Time management and healthy boundaries
  • Perspective shifting and uncovering meaning
  • Access to creative sources and intuition
  • Imagination and creativity exercises
  • Mindbending and heart expanding

Some clients may come to the partnership with a specific project or creation in mind and others may be interested in support in a specific area related to their creativity.

During the coaching process, we meet every other week for set of sessions by phone or video chat. We may also communicate by phone and email. In addition to our scheduled meetings, we will craft “homework” and accountability for the time in between sessions.

We create from the heart. It’s time to cultivate the art of listening to the heart.