Coaching for Organizations

As a Life Coach and former fundraising professional, I’d love to support your non-profit staff. I have worked for over a decade with non-profits, educational institutions and state government, raising over $100 million.

I want to help people in non-profit organizations reconnect with why they got into their nonprofit career in the first place, to bring more joy into their life and to help them contribute their ideas, gifts, and talents daily. Our world needs your every day leadership!

Coaching for Organizations is a professional partnership between a nonprofit professional and a life coach. Our partnership is designed to support you in your professional role so that you and the organization may thrive and advance important social change.

During the coaching process, we meet every week or every other week for a regularly scheduled coaching session in-person, by phone or video chat. Together, you and I will establish goals, identify skill-building opportunities, track progress and tune into the real life factors impacting your work.

At each session, we will review your progress and discuss the next steps to get you to your goal. The sessions will tap into your insights, resources, creativity, and strategies. Your job is to do the work – my job is to encourage you to grow and be inspired, and hold you accountable.

In addition to our scheduled meetings, we may communicate by phone and email. We may also schedule sessions for specific skill building and direct feedback and guidance on your written materials.

There are many coaching topics we may cover and here are a few to get you started thinking:

  • Fully embracing your leadership qualities
  • How to reconnect with your inspiration for working in the nonprofit sector
  • How to bring more joy into your work and life
  • How to contribute you ideas, gifts, and talents daily
  • How to tell your organization’s story meaningfully and with impact
  • Foster resilience and balance in your work life relationship.
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Prospect identification and management
  • Cultivation strategy
  • Grant writing, reporting, and management
  • Role play asking and presenting
  • Time and task management
  • How to get your board members involved
  • How to collaborate and communicate with your staff and leadership
  • Befriending interpersonal obstacles

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