Fierce Hearts. Courageous Leaders. The revolution begins within.

As an associate with Imagine Us, I provide leadership coaching, facilitation, consulting, and workshops for organizations. These services are designed to support the staff in their professional role and the organization mission. Together we will customize the facilitation, consulting, or coaching scope of work.

We make the world more just, equitable & sustainable by helping changemakers and their organizations illuminate their path, release their potential, and pursue their boldest dreams.

I incorporate mindfulness and somatic skills to cultivate a way of being in our bodies, hearts and minds so that we may lead grounded in our authentic self. My practices support empowerment, healthy boundaries, emotional intelligence, radical imagination, courageous and restorative conversations, being with uncertainty and overwhelm and interrupting oppression.

I enjoy partnering with people as they navigate the complexity of leading today, cultivating internal change and finding their path forward.

There are many topics we may cover and here are a few to get you started thinking:

  • Tapping into and embracing leadership qualities
  • Navigating conflict
  • Articulating vision and values
  • Cultivating psychological safety
  • Somatic awareness: stress management, body awareness, nervous system education, and strategies
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Courageous conversations
  • Healthy and effective feedback
  • Addressing burnout, fostering wellbeing and healthy boundaries
  • Raising racial consciousness and engaging with internalized racism

Typically during the coaching process, we meet every other week for a regularly scheduled session by phone or video chat. Together, we will establish goals, identify skill-building opportunities, track progress and tune into the real life factors impacting the staff person and their work. We may also schedule sessions for specific skill building and direct feedback and guidance on your written materials.

Our world needs your every day leadership!